Nikos Alexandrakis

Executive member of the BoD


Nikos Alexandrakis, Sales Director, has been with the Karatzis Group SA team for over a decade, in defining roles which allowed his business savvy to flourish. His extensive knowledge in sales and his dedication to monitoring the ups and downs of the international market make him perfect for this position. So does his penchant for thinking on his feet and his razor-sharp judgement, which lead to efficient strategising and hyper-effective decision making. He manages the company’s key accounts with the dynamic style which he brings to every aspect of his career.

Nikos has acquired a BBA in Marketing and International Relations at the Piraeus University of Applied Sciences, which offered him an excellent base of theoretical knowledge in skills such as market research, management consulting, international sales and business strategy. He continues to expand his knowledge in relevant fields, including also a participation in an MIT entrepreneurship programme.