Pluspack is a modern Greek industrial enterprise producing plastic packaging materials for all sectors. The production includes plastic bags, films, food and meat processing packaging, and product for the agricultural sector.

The company also produces a wide range of household waste roll bags and for professional use, HO.RE.CA products which are extremely durable and resilient. Pluspack S.A. with stable quality guide through modern mechanical equipment and with continuous quality controls, has established a relationship of trust with its customers. Therefore, it produces in addition off its own range of products and private label products for large supermarket chains.

Last years, Pluspack S.A. has invested in solar energy, in new biodegradation and photodegradation technologies of plastic, in high recycling technology, with capacity 2.000 tons per year where the majority of recycled materials are used for our production line of packaging and the rest are channeled at factories in Greece for various uses (irrigation pipes, plastic tanks, etc.), thus developing a new substantial philosophy that respects and helps our world through the argument to become better.

The company is based in Crete in a privately owned space of 3,000 sqm, which is located at Heraklion Industrial area. With steady foundation based on modern technological equipment, film extrusion and experienced human resources, we operate with a fundamental strategy. At the year 2011 we were awarded with the Commendation as Green Business by the Chamber of Commerce, proving the company’s strategic position for the business environment.